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whale watching

The warm waters off the Southern Pacific’s Osa Peninsula are Costa Rica’s most popular destination for whale watching. Humpback whales are by far the most commonly spotted whale species during their migration phenomenon, but the Golfo Dulce also receives pilot whales, false orcas, orcas as well as other cetaceans throughout the year, including being home to resident pods of dolphins.

Profits from this tour go partly to the World Cetacean Alliance and partly to conservation projects in the Golfo Dulce so thank you very much for helping a good cause! We do this tour with Changing Tide Tours THE ONLY company in the area certified as a Responsible Whale Watching Company by the prestigious World Cetacean Alliance so come & experience THE BEST with us!

Best Time to Visit: Humpback whale migration late July-October


Includes: Guided boat tour, drinking water, fresh fruits

Duration: 3-4 hours

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whale watching
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