tree camping

Ready to get the best views of the area? We hope you don't mind climbing to get there. Witness panoramic vistas of southwestern Costa Rica from atop a treetop campsite. We'll hike through a private rainforest reserve to the campsite, followed by the activity of your choice, like tree-climbing, exploring the surrounding rainforest or simply relaxing. There's no better opportunity to get close to, and reconnect with, nature than by climbing and camping in a tree using certified climbing gear and the assistance of a professional climber by your side. After a night spent swinging from a tent suspended amid the trees, we’ll hike to nearby lookout point and enjoy a traditional Costa Rican breakfast. A fully set up tree tent will be 10 feet, or three meters, above the ground.

We recommend bringing a camera, comfortable outdoor clothing, a rain jacket, binoculars, insect repellent, and a headlamp with batteries.


Includes: A home made Costa Rican traditional dinner is served by 6:30PM by your campsite, and breakfast at 7:00 AM. Tents for trees, All camping gear

Duration: From 3 PM to 10 AM the following day

tree camping
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