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Join us for a sunset and evening bio-luminescence tour to learn more about this natural light show and behold the magic of one of the most amazing phenomena of the world. This unique tour gives you the chance to experience the extraordinary views of the world famous Costa Rican sunset, feeling the tranquil natural beauty of the Golfo Dulce as night sets in. As the sun goes down, the fascinating encounter with billions of bioluminescent organisms begins.


Come and be mesmerized by the tiny glowing specs of plankton or Dinofagellates which are small unicellular marine plankton capable of producing natural light at the touch of your hand. Watch how every movement leaves behind a glowing swirl of blue light, like shooting stars in the water. You may also get to see some incredible prehistoric reptiles in their natural habitat on this tour, spectacled caiman and American crocodiles!

Includes: Guided boat tour, drinking water, fresh fruit snacks

Duration: 2 hours.

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