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piedras blancas national park

This amazing park is the least visited park in Costa Rica due to the amazing adventure it takes to get there. The majestic and under-explored Piedras Blancas National Park protects around 16,000 hectares of jungle and marine area.

Drive through the Golfito National Reserve, then miles and miles through rivers to reach the park. Upon arrival you will go for a 4 hour hike through the rainforest on well-maintained trails where you can see numerous types of wild life and take in the beauty of this untouched pristine rain forest, finishing in the Golfo Dulce where one of our boats will pick you up for some wildlife watching in the nearby mangrove and then back to Golfito with the possibility of a sighting from our resident dolphins.

Includes: Round trip transport from Golfito (taxi there, boat – taxi back), packed lunch, park entrance and guide

Duration: 10 hours

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