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Come with us and enjoy a fun and informative guided tour as the Golfo Dulce serves up its many magical wonders with the incredible dolphins, sea turtles, rays, flying fish & much more! Our tour boats are equipped with quiet, eco-friendly four stroke motors and a full-canopy sun top for your comfort and protection. You will also have an option to snorkel at an ancient coral reef site within Piedras Blancas National Park.

Profits from this tour go partly to the World Cetacean Alliance and partly to conservation projects in the Golfo Dulce so thank you very much for helping a good cause!

We do this tour with Changing Tide Tours THE ONLY company in the area certified as a Responsible Dolphin Watching Company by the prestigious World Cetacean Alliance so come & experience THE BEST with us!

OPTIONAL ADD ON: Stop off at an animal rescue sanctuary for a 2 hour guided tour to see some of Costa Rica’s most famous wildlife including monkeys, sloths and an ocelot!

Includes: Guide, Snorkeling gear, drinking water, fresh fruit

Duration: 4-5 hours

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