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Our fun water rappeling activity is located only ten minutes away from the town of Golfito; in the village of La Purruja. After gearing up, we will hike up on a jungle and narrow trail, for one mile, to the top of the hill, where the first waterfalls is located. Once here, your guides will adjust your canyoning equipment, and explain the proper way to descend the falls. When you’re comfortable with the procedure, you’ll begin rappelling down the first waterfall, about 45 feet (12 meters), at the base, the creek leads into a pristine canyon. From here on, there are eight, similar or shorter waterfalls, and two more rappels, some swimming-holes, and a couple short jumps. Once finished, your guides will help you back to the vehicles and you’ll head back to Golfito.

This adventure can be enjoyed by anyone in good physical condition, with good balance and coordination. No experience is needed.


Includes: Round trip land transportation from Golfito, all equipment, guide, drinking water

Duration: 3 hours

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