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caño island

Caño Island is often referred to as “Mini Cocos Island” due to similarities in their ecosystems, unspoiled state of preservation, well-deserved reputation for water visibility and the diversity of its underwater fauna.

Leaving bright and early, much of the trip will be spent in transit in full view of the majestic panorama of the Costa Rican coast. Various sea creatures such as dolphins and whales are regularly seen along the way. The quantity and sheer diversity of the Costa Rica Marine Life you will encounter on an Isla del Caño Tour is so truly astounding. If you’re looking for the best Costa Rica scuba diving and snorkeling available, Isla del Caño is where you will find it!

*Please note that you must be PADI certified to be able to participate in the diving option. Specific dive locations are chosen by the park rangers.

Includes: Guided boat tour, drinking water, lunch, fresh fruits, snorkeling / diving equipment (for 2 different sites), island admission, transfer to & from Sierpe

Duration: 6-7 hours

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